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The perfect day room. A quiet artists retreat. Modern guest quarters. An elegant pool cabana. The Mini Jot is modular, green, sustainable and energy efficient, with a range of delivery options to suit any project or building code.

Every component of a JoT structure has been carefully selected; no-maintenance exterior cladding, natural interior finishes, high-performance insulation and modern fixtures. JoT owners can choose from a standard set of colors and materials, or custom select their own claddings and interiors.

The Mini JoT can be delivered as a via flatbed as a finished unit, site-assembled or even converted into a trailer by adding axles. The Mini JoT provides amazing functional flexibility coupled with modern design and sustainable, green sensibilities.

Green Design- In addition to the sustainable and durable nature of the external cladding, the interior finish and flooring options don’t off-gas; creating a healthier interior environment than most standard structures.

Multiple Construction Scenarios- A Mini JoT can be deployed in awkward and difficult to access locations. Minimal foundation requirements greatly reduce site development costs.

Permitting Flexibility- The trailer delivery option reclassifies the structure as a temporary building or vehicle, eliminating many permit issues.

Modular Expandability- Multiple Mini JoT’s can be configured to work together. Custom designed extensions are also available.