Why JoT?

The JoT Building System

The JoT system delivers modern structures crafted from groundbreaking materials at highly competitive prices.

Flexible and Scalable
Our components and structural systems allow you to focus on the design and demands of your structure, and not be overwhelmed with engineering minutia. Structures up to three stories tall may be designed without support concerns.

Durable and Sustainable
The total interior and exterior seal provides unprecedented protection against moisture, insects and other external threats to the longevity and livability of the structure.

Energy Efficient and Green
Every structural component used in the JoT system posses innate insulative value, delivering a structure with astounding energy efficiency. JoT components are produced from non-toxic, renewable sources.

Modern Design and Infrastructure
The standard JoT design delivers a clean, modern look that can also be easily modified to suit any design. The utility infrastructure anticipates modern networking, entertainment and power needs.

Economical and Rapid Construction
JoT components are designed for a rapid and efficient construction process, allowing the costs of construction to go into high quality, sustainable components rather than labor costs.